Sunday, October 12, 2014


Our friends from my work came over to fish and play Atari etc...  It was fun!  We didn't do anything exactly 'school' today... Esme did some building, and some Super Why games on the computer... played Frisbee outside and played in a cardboard box :)

I am still working on cleaning bits of the house here and there - organizing.. finding some of the other things we had misplaced that would be good for school use.

Found :
rain gauge!, for science
drawing compass and protractor
three packs of crayons
some photo printer paper and labels
A sketchbook with lots of blank pages.
A new K'nex set we had never put together
Composition tablet and some handwriting ruled paper
Containers of glitter we had used long ago

Esme's school is out this week... we're wondering if we continue official school anyway, or let her have a week break.  We're kind of feeling the squeeze from being stressed and wanting a break - but we were also wanting to lay out some groundwork and see what worked and what didn' we knew where we were going.  We've also talked more about birthday stuff....

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