Monday, February 24, 2014


knitting, playing Minecraft, watching my cat attempt to fall off the sewing machine... there are other things I could have done today but I did put the tomato seeds in the pots and made a cottage cheese and cucumber salad for lunch.. and we got dog food at the co op so that was a trip out we won't have to make tomorrow.

 spice jelly beans and a grey scarf started

Minion on the sewing machine

I hope when Esme gets home in a few minutes we will make a bird feeder worthy of photos...
We made simple milk jug bird feeders from this basic idea at Thrifty Fun.  We put one outside the front door and one outside the downstairs window and filled each with a little cracked corn.

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RETA said...

What a sweet blogspot! I love your pictures. Makes me want to come over for tea.