Thursday, July 11, 2013

two sleeveless dresses and two more previously unpictured

'What you doing with that picture, Mama?' 
This is her tough girl face, and a sleeveless home dress made from a pillowcase that Grandma gave us over a year ago for sewing scrap.  The sleeves are just sewn under a bit, not faced, and the back has a mock-up tacked on buttonhole and button - like the pink owl sleeveless shirt she has.. but that serves well enough for home and washes up decent.

I tried to do the yellow one here with actual faced sleeves and I have deemed it well enough to wear to school - but much too fussy of a sewing project to do many more... It takes so much longer for less - odd, huh?  I didn't iron the fabric and it had sat in the sewing case for a while rumpled up, so it will need a wash and dry before it is really school ready.  The center one I did last week out of green fabric I really loved at the store.  The navy one was my attempt to make one like the 2011 dress, but it looks very formal and 'winter holidays' compared to the pastel ones.  I haven't even seen it on yet - maybe that thought will change.  I hope with the varying sleeve length and varying weights of these and her other dresses will adjust with the weather.  As it is likely to just be HOT though.. I might have to get over the 'uphill' feel of the sleeveless pattern and do more of them anyway.

And I need to make shorts and pants.. but they are so 'boring' compared to this, it is hard to sit down and do them unless they are very much needed.  I just transferred three pairs of older pants into shorts because of tears and slashes at or below the knee that were too large to patch. 

Back to work tomorrow - and Esme has school.  Mark will have to drive around a bit more...  I could tell she was with lots of other kids today.. she galloped around with her toys, talked about 'getting married' for half of the Short Circuit movie (is he getting married to that cow now?  is he getting married to that robot with the voice that sounds like a girl?) and then later told me that her teacher said that toys don't cry. 

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