Friday, July 26, 2013


We've hit a few milestones for Esme in the past few days.  The one that I would not have believed a few years ago was we had to tell her to stop asking questions about the movie (are the boy and girl going to get married? where is his head picture on the flag if he is a pirate?, do the hanging pirates die because they have no food and water and can't get down?, what is carribean?) to Pirates of the Carribean, and please just eat her dinner and no more talking until she was finished.  Wow.  It really has improved that much since she began going to school. 

She also got a radio/cd player for her room.  Many children have this before this age now... but I did not get my first 'owned' one until I was nine years old.. and it was a tape recording boombox then.  I can remember playing with the one my sister had a few years earlier than that, taping 'radio shows' with my cousins.  Esme can get the cds (burned backup because she doesn't know how to be careful yet) out of her own folder and put them in the machine and operate the buttons.  I tried to show her how to operate the radio and 'search' for stations back and forth in the static.  I loved this as a child - finding the faintest stations on AM and listening to see if it was something I wanted, continuing to the next station.  I drove my sister nuts when I discovered classical music stations, talk radio and an occasional foreign language speaker.  Those were good times. 

Esme spent several hours 'dancing' and 'having parties' in her room last night drawing pictures and words on her easel while the cds played.  She found a country music radio station.  *eep*... and said she liked that one without the talking.  She came upstairs and drew stick figures at her desk of Daddy and Johnny Test and herself dancing to the music, then added Mom and Loula puppy for good measure.  She found her 'best pajamas' (a set from Christmas) and put them on and said it was a slumber party.  I think she even stayed up a little late, as she is still in bed much longer than usual for her.

This is a 'spaceship' house that she has been working on in Minecraft.  I remember maknig the base circle for her out of the blue material more than a month ago... and she has done a lot to it since.  She told Mark the colored things were antennas on top of her spaceship house.

The other thing I want to remember is she is asking for 'rock star clothes', with stars and spots.  And she is going to show me how she can be a rock star, learn all the songs on her guitar and xylophone and 'rock you star' to make everyone dance. 

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