Saturday, July 20, 2013

bits and house drawing at five and a half

My Kindergartener has a workbook she brought home - and it had all the pages filled in around this one but this was empty. She said she could not draw a house - and I told her to start with a big square - then she did most of the rest of this herself.  I drew the stick people for her because she 'could not draw them tiny'... and I conceded when she told me the story she wanted to portray which required the people to be in specific places.  This is such a difference from last year... it is almost indescribable how different the outer expression has become that gets all of this inner activity out into the world now... 

"The house has a five family", she said. 'And they have roses.. all here, I draw them there and there...and this the three children have a rose statue, (on the right with the circle 'pedestal' under it.' The mom and the dad family - they are the meaner, they say 'three children, do not touch the rose statue'. And the children - they did - it falled there.. (shown above the original), and is all broken. And they have sad faces, the children, all of... but the men fix it, (the men?) the building men, who build all of it, the house.. all of it. And then the mailman comes, (mailbox and cars) and he has a letter, and the happy child is here now (beside the boy without the hat her own addition after much convincing), and they will all play.'

I asked her to think about her butterfly dream, so I could get a real smile from her.
Holding a kitten and thinking about something Mark is reading in the news on the computer.

'making friends' out of styrofoam, pipe cleaners and a marker - she played with this friend - because she has no other friends here in this house, only Esme... and she wants to have a friend... so sad, but she will be going to school full time after another few weeks...

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