Friday, July 05, 2013

day off Friday

Slept in late this morning .. we all did, after being out at the fireworks last night.  Esme didn't wake me up until after nine... that is very very late for her.  I began to work on a fifth dress for her closet....and should maybe add another pair of shorts to the several pairs of pants.  School starts on Monday.  Esme played with her playdough and made a 'restaurant' tea party where she was the chef and Mr.Frog, 'Cowa' and Lamba came to be the customers for smoothies, food and then Mr.Frog and Cowa decided to get married.... and Lamba turned into an Indian Princess with a turkey feather in her ear.

Mark and I noted to Grandma again yesterday that Esme has shot forward in her speaking again in the past few weeks... she talks all of the time now, on and on and on... that is how it should be.  And her form is getting better.  She told Mark 'we weren't out of chicken soup after all', which is just an example of how she is picking up on the kind of words she just didn't grasp before.  And she is more willing to discuss (Sometimes) why we didn't understand her (a comb in a cone, etc..)

I want this dress to be reminiscient of the navy dress with pockets (seen below) which was one of several 'day dresses' I made in early 2011.  This one in particular lasted her through 2011 and most of 2012 until it tore on the playground one day.  It's hard to believe it has become nearly iconic of a 'simple pretty dress' in my mind...

I have just enough for the bodice and the pockets with this one.. and navy sleeves like the skirt.  I didn't get her to put it on, although I finished it and put it in her closet. (no picture).  Esme carried a ten lb. log through the woods and named it 'Noah', took it to Grandma's house for a few hours and then deposited it on the side of the road on the way home - because Daddy would laugh at her again about it.. and she could get it tomorrow when the mud was still all fresh from the rain.  She was watching Camp Drama Island and Grojband up there, a step up agewise from the Johnny Test... but maybe that is showing in her language some, too..explains some of the new sentences and wisecracks I've been hearing now.   We watched Clue the movie, and Esme was trying to get into it near the end when they were all running around crazy...We tried to tell her what puns were.

So if I count the sundress and the elastic-neck/arms red flowered dress she is up to six wearable dresses for school and an assortment of other tshirts, jumper tops etc that she already had (not all of them in good condition though)... and at least four, maybe six pairs of pants that don't have a hole or tear somewhere, plus a few pairs of shorts that are passable.  I have a very early work tomorrow!

//notes// trends of the day(s): She is doing the announcer echo voice (friday friday friday - go go to to your your bed bed..) etc.   There's just one more problem, Mom... (snotty tone of voice) 'I'm just playing with playdough, like this, Mom.. can you see?'  She wrote a grocery list for Grandma which included cheese balls and mike & ikes.. getting her to eat healthy is difficult lately but she is ALL about the theories with food, what is healthy for kids, what is not, what to eat when and where and... she overthinks so much so it is getting in the way of getting her to actually eat sometimes (scared of the corn because there is butter on it and it will take such a long time to eat every one by one...).. of course, she wants ice cream and candy, but first thing this morning I offered cereal and she told me it was dessert, tasted like it, so she couldn't have it for breakfast.  So, I waited until lunchtime and she suggested soup...which turned into a bologna sandwich via cat knocking the soup bowl down into her lap.  other trends:  'do this, by myself?' (all by myself?) asked a lot... 'but I have to tell you - this is not working, Mom.'   songs : 'We're going to be famous'.. 'Flush and wash and be on your way'.. several others that I was surprised to hear her sing.  She said that her my little ponies were practicing their dance moves to the song at the end of the movie and we were bad to turn it off on them.  She said she wanted the tooth fairy to bring her 'kid pop 24' next month, because it is like a list, and all the kids are singing the songs, and they will have fun.  I told her she should pick something else...

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