Saturday, January 09, 2010

Water in the pipes and Memory Game

This was so cool today I had to share. We were doing our regular bathtime thing but - because it has been freezing cold out here - I left the water in the tub trickling after the bath to keep the pipes from freezing.

I was leaning against the tub and heard the water in the pipes gurgling. I said 'wow' and showed Esme what I was doing in an exaggerated fashion - told her the water was in there too (inside the tub wall) and I could hear it with my ear. She took a minute of 'what are you DOING mom?' and then she tried it. The look in her eyes was amazing. WOW WOW WOW she was so happy she tried what Mom did and discovered something. I got hugs and kisses as well as jumping up and down and 'I did it WOW'

She has also been asking for her 'Memory' game now. She finally thinks it's cool and not just as a large pile of things to throw around. She asks us what the pictures are and identifies some now in between the throwing around ;) She hates to put it away, but has asked to play with it a few days in a row. I remember I bought it when she was about 16 months old from Ebay hoping she would like it then (as she was in to puzzles then) and she wasn't very interested in matching the pictures or even identifying them then.

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