Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowstorm 2010

Tried hard - but we're snowed in for the day!
I've called into work and hope to get out tomorrow... but Mark says the melt won't happen until Monday.

Borrowed this from my in-laws last night. It has four wheel drive but it's too close to the ground and the snow just won't let it go. Maybe I should have parked the vehicle at the beginning of the driveway last night because there is no getting even that far today!

And that's just the driveway! There's about three miles from there to the highway.

Mark and Esme had to walk to Grandma's last night to borrow the little car - and come get me as I was stuck at the top of a hill. Not really a good idea to try the truck as it is rear wheel drive and will probably get stranded.

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