Wednesday, January 27, 2010

conversation about a spider

The other night Esme saw PeanutNinja the cat eating a spider. She was intent on watching it, and talked about it a lot. The next time she saw a spider the cat just played with it (maybe she learned better), and Esme touched the wolf spider several times and giggled as the cat chased it. Today Esme points to the dark hallway in our kitchen and tells me something is there. I asked her what it was, and she didn't know. I asked maybe it is a spider? She thought maybe it could be a spider. I said is it a friendly spider or a RAR spider? A RAR spider would come up and go RAR at us - but maybe it was a friendly spider. She got worried about that, and climbed up on my lap and looked down at the floor like something was going to crawl up on her.

I told her don't worry, if there was a spider there the kitty would find it and eat it later. She jumped down and started to push the kitty in the direction of the hallway 'go kitty, food! food, go!' That made me start to crack up. I said the kitty would eat the spider later (if there was one, which I doubted).

She has been reading the U-LINE supply catalog more and asking us to identify things in there. She runs her finger across the name of the item and says a 'catch-all' word as if she is reading it. I think Electric Company is influencing that - she has been trying to 'read' words a lot lately, although she hardly ever even gets the first sound right, so I think it is just pretending. Even so, that is a good step forward :) But why are her dozens of 'kids' books not as interesting as a mailer catalog from an office supply company? That's how it goes...

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ElizabethEK said...

Emily does that sometimes too. She will "read" the Pottery Barn catalog, or some other random mail item. Kids!