Sunday, May 09, 2021

Rainy Mother's Day afternoon


A little railway and dock station I have been working on this morning, since my new Screenshot won't load, this is in vanilla 16.5 and mostly survival (I admit I popped into creative because I was sick of running out of fence).

It's Mother['s Day, and I am off of both jobs, which is good.  I bought us a cheesecake last week and it has lasted through today.  I bought Mark's mom a plant and brought it to her yesterday.  It has been rainy and stormy all week - including this morning, with a huge wind coming up at seven am.. it is as dim as twilight out there still and it is 1 pm.

Might move down the shoreline a little on this one, already took a trip across the ocean and it was more of the same landscape.. and the birch and oak trees seem to travel on forever... except, there is a mushroom Island.  That's interesting, but not material wise, for me.  I'd like to find a village or a mineshaft to get more crop varieties and make bigger gardens and stops along the railway for agriculture.

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