Friday, May 14, 2021

Minecraft : Zayama Railway station world - Mercator bridge

 Apparently this is the pefect place to stop and soak your llamas while you talk to the fish.  I need to fold and finish laundry.. but I sat down for a bit and started building another house, and a mine, and flattening out more space for fields... 

I was working on the Copper Valley world in the snapshot 2wk18 but it crashed and will not load again.  I'm hoping they fix it with an update and that the whole world isn't just lost.  I finished ny delivery work in real life today and then have postal route tomorrow.

The roof I was trying to reconcile.. I had it almost done and ready for a picture of the finished building, and then.. crash... this is the Glenardd mansion in the Copper Valley world.  I was really looking forward to playing with more copper items, as well - waxed cut stairs?  I need to go look things up now, and hope the snapshot comes back for me sometime soon.  I love new materials and making them in survival.

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