Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Joy in the little things

I had a bill to bring to the mailbox.  My dog, Daphne, which is a speck in the road in this picture as she runs up towards Grandma's house, was reluctant to go out in the cold at all.  So, I brought the bill up by myself the first time, and she stayed at home.  When I saw that I had a movie to go out, as well, I remembered the beauty of the frost melting in the grasses, and grabbed the camera.  Daphne came with me that time, and still grumbled about the cold, but was more on board for walkies once I had already been up there once.  In dog language, that means there are more things to sniff.

I was using the little camera, the one that isn't super-sharp and microscopic, but the shimmering still shines through.  And as I walked back home, I was rocking to Great Big Sea's 'till Everything Shines'... one of the songs I listened to a few days ago when I had the migraine.

(lyrics to Great Big Sea 'Everything Shines')

Hey, come this May
We'll be runnin' in the sun again
Your time will come
You're just a young broken heart
And I'm sleepin' in the yard
How could you be so dumb?

All we losers stand in line
Just waiting for our time
Broken angel take that plane
And finger paint the sky till everything shines
Everything shines
Everything shines
Everything shines
well.. not the best of lyrics there in the middle... although the first part is pretty resonant with this year. Check out their video on YouTube, with the melody it kind of sticks like a dart.

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