Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Shepard Lane Garden bits

Mark and Esme are still both down with colds, and a little fever.  I'm planning on taking her into a clinic today, as she says her throat hurts, too.

The post office job is going well - I'm getting faster and I didn't have to check my notes for where to go at all last time - only a few times to see if a box was really 'the next box' since there are a lot of boxes without any markings on them at all on my route.  The other carrier I drove with remarked on it - really, it's a lot.. you should get out here with a silver sharpie and put some numbers on the front of the box, at least - so you don't have to keep opening it up to see the one marked on the inside.  She rec' getting some large brightly colored stickers to put on the vacant ones, too - so I don't have to slow down and check for the green vacant card inside.

I'm going through my seeds and ordering a few greens type things.  A few of my things are actually trying to come up outside - or at least, they were, before this last bout of cold.  I'm trying to decide if I want to buy some onion sets and a new mint plant, and then what to start in my greenhouse.  My house plants could use more attention but I am not sure what to do other than water  One could really use transfer to a big floor pot but then where would I put it that dogs and cats wouldn't get into it or it would be in the shade all the time.

There is someone I was going to give a few seeds to at the post office job.  She is very interested in organic and landrace gardening - which is an interesting connection as I've been doing that for years.  She is just starting her garden, and hoping to make a long running plot that will provide her food over the course of years with saved seed etc... We agree that there is a spiritual connection to growing your own food, to being out in the soil and seeing things change year after year..  I am trying to decide if the year will be hot and dry or cold and wet and moldy... last year was so disappointing.. well, all of the last half of last year was BAD.. from June on.. and I am not sure how things will go this year but I'm willing to look forward to it a little at the moment.

wrote down the following out of my seed box and what is coming up or expected to

purslane (perennial reseeder)
lemon basil (same)
sorrel ( have to plant, have seed)
good king henry (have to plant, have seed, not sure about this one)

Lady white cowpeas
Cherokee white Eagle corn, a few other sweet corns
Whipporwhill southern cowpeas
Shackamaxon beans (pole)

ordered : mesclun lettuce, arugula, komatsuna mustard
carrots, rutabaga, beets, kale, Kenearly yellow eye and Ireland Creek Annie bush beans
wax bush beans

pick up more seed : india mustard, cabbage, marigold, parsley, kale (maybe)

did the asparagus I had started die off or is it just late to come up?  Should I start some more - dig out the seed warmer bed out of the filing cabinet

Wingo sweet peas
a grape tomato
a cutting tomato
banana pepper, pimiento or jalapeno pepper

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