Friday, February 14, 2020


Practiced our postal routes today and then I bought some special ingredients for Mark to cook a good dinner - pork chops and potatoes.  I run the route again on Tuesday, practicing again probably Monday.  I'm going to have the turns - and the turnarounds - down.  Esme and Mark both had colds but seem on the mend.  It is a cold snap again - water frozen out in the chicken's dish and has been that way all day.  I'm hoping for some better weather, and to find a postal vehicle right hand drive with tax money when it comes in.  I have some paperwork left to do next week - can't forget to check in on it.  Esme and I have been playing on a minecraft server - in tandem, since we get terrible lag when we're both on... it's cool to see into this world that she spends a lot of time in.

My poetry and my two stories came back rejected.  Which means, in actuality, that I can now go forward with The House of Sunlight on my own terms and if I want to put the poetry in it and the stories both, I can.  That would flesh it out and make it a book about the size of Time in December.

There are still some illustrations to make for it- too .. and a final edit on some of the stories, and to decide if I can finish Ingie (Negative Shadows) for it or for the Salt Magic book.

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