Sunday, November 03, 2019

A Little bit today

Working hard on my business, today is a very 'full plate', which is odd because it all ended up being on a Sunday.  But, that means I can update on Monday, so.. good, yes?

Checking over my to-do lists, and checking my bag and my presentation for today.
Wondering if either of the library books I haven't touched are actually any good.. one of them is on renewal and I still haven't been interested in it enough to crack it.  But I truly think it is a reflection of my mood and of finishing 'The Last Lecture', which is the kind of book I digest for a few days, seeing where the life lessons come up as I move forward.

Took Esme and friends out to movie and pizza yesterday.  It wasn't rollicking, but I think everyone had a fairly good time.  I was glad we got to get together.

Now going to try to tackle a faucet, and hope that leaves me enough time to get cleaned back up and go out to my presentation.  I might say I'll drop by the faucet project after the present, because you never know what you'll get into once you start... and I'm not doing anything tomorrow yet.

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