Sunday, May 05, 2019


I've been working on some more of the genealogy notebook for Esme.. wondering if after I get it all handwritten down if I don't want to make a google doc out of it and have it printed out in a book form for real.  Have located the immigration records for the male line of both my maternal grandfather and maternal grandmother... and back a bit before that on both of them.  There is a Welsh connection on my father's mother's side, back in the 1580s.. a knight in Denbighshire, Wales.  Also, waiting on some photos to come in the mail we took at the fish fry the other day and copies of the 'tiny world' ones that I am going to hang up somewhere.  Waiting on some yarn, too - to make a blanket for the chair.

Read 'Girls in the Garden' by Lisa Jewell.. have 'I Found You' on tap now.  Was disappointed by 'The Umbrella Academy' because  I was NOT expecting a graphic novel and it loaded up on my Kindle in tiny tiny format and I was just not ready for that.. so I'm reading 'I Found You' now.. slowly... while crocheting more mesh bags for summer flea market stuff etc.

I also planted some beans in the garden - a mish-mash of some things that were in my 'landrace' box... white ones and tiger-eye ones and some black ones.  They are all things that grew here before and we ate them.  Got strawberries and peas out of the garden today.. lots of things are doing well out there.  I put a little scrap of Japanese Holly in rooting hormone and we will see how it does.  Transplanted some tomatoes and cantaloupe and watermelon seedlings into their own larger pots.

Esme's picnic day is Tuesday, collecting some things up for her to take, blanket and hat and umbrella etc etc..

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