Friday, April 13, 2018

Someone was hiding eggs

Our wild chicken - that wasn't laying eggs last year - started again.. and she wasn't using the chicken house (so much that we thought about changing it into a toolshed) and now she has a 'storybook nest' as Mark called it.  However, we have no rooster, so none of these are viable.  But we got an idea that could be terrible, (and sad) or it could work... so we paid twelve dollars for a half a dozen chicks and put them in right after taking the eggs out.

We got water and food for them in the house and a big log they can climb up to get back in the house if they fall out.  We'll see.... a few minutes ago Mark went out there and said she was back on the empty nest and they were drinking from the water container so she didn't kill them outright...

I put up this short fence around the beds to keep things out of it some..  We also have cataloupe (shown above) and watermelon and a few other seedlings coming up.

Esme and I planted cucumbers and catnip in the greenhouse today.

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