Wednesday, April 11, 2018


I have a dentist appointment and a math tutor session (I'm the tutor) tomorrow... I'm still coughing from the sinus infection that just doesn't want to go away.  I'm doing even more Welsh.  I've found a children's program called 'Abadas' that has a Welsh version, and it is so cute and very good at teaching new words.  I tried to watch a Spanish language learning program again - and most of the time I could track what they were saying, but I don't think I'd really *get* Spanish in the way I *get* Welsh unless I had to deal with it every single day.  I *get* Welsh on some 'closer to home' level and the words echo for me long after I hear them.  Spanish it is tough - more sifting.. less certainty.  I know Spanish would be more of a 'hire-able skill'. 

Working the longer hours and with less help is not doing well at work.  They are doing this 'prescriptive scheduling' nationwide.  And it sucks, nationwide - even people who work at another box are telling me that.  Customers are telling me this.  There are fewer people for them to talk to during the times they want to be there - weekdays etc.  The most of the 'weekend shoppers' are what they are aiming for, but they are missing all of the professionals and contractors now that they were trying to woo for so long.

Something has been digging in our raised bed in the garden.  We're going to put a bit of fence around it.  Hopefully it will warm up soon.  Cantaloupe plants began to sprout today in the greenhouse.  I knocked over the asparagus starting trough the other day but it looks like I didn't kill all of them.  There are a few spikes still trying to come through it.

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