Monday, June 12, 2017

Flowers and egg noodles

Nasturtiums, zinnias and a marigold in the garden
Making egg noodles

The flower garden I started a few months ago is starting to produce some very pretty blooms worthy of cutting and bringing in to a vase.  The other flowers - dianthus, and verbena, are not cutting flowers but they are pretty, too.  I've reached level 11 in the French program I'm working  in (Duolingo), and a twelve day streak, which is really good.  Mark pointed out some Italian sausage (the kind with the fennel) in the store today, and I bought some and an orange pepper to make a meal for Esme.  I ended up making egg noodles again for the first time since I was Esme's age or younger.. it was pretty much a success.  I'd like to try again tomorrow or at least during my vacation and try to make them much thinner.  They would be even better cut thin.

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