Sunday, May 21, 2017


Went up to see Grandma's cat Sara's kittens today, they are quite cute.  Checked in on the garden, planted a few of the moonflower seeds and got one of the stacky pots filled with growing medium.. four more to go.  I did sewing yesterday - three pairs of shorts, one for Mark and two for me, and fixed a favorite skirt and Esme's fancy dress she tore at the graduation party.  I have another pair of Mark's shorts to make after I change his pattern shape a little.

I could have done a lot more, but we had a good day.  Mark made an awesome dinner of pork chops and rolls.  I am sitting reading another of the free ebooks, and have been playing my farm game en Française most of the day, learning new words as I go.

I am up before dawn tomorrow for another day of work, and six days on.
My cough from the sinus infection is nearly gone.. that's a good thing.

We have summer vacation for Esme, now - what in the world will she do with her time besides Minecraft and Toca games on her tablet?  We'll see.  I suggested maybe fishing...

This was the picture of the last day of third grade with her best friend.

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