Friday, May 26, 2017

bits and a half-done painting

I worked on this a few nights ago but haven't gotten around to finishing it up.  I saw a painting in a store with a bright green tree in a city and this was my 'take' on the idea.  The dog looks like our Lucy.

My niece's baby is still in the NICU... hoping she will get strong enough not to need the ventilator.

Esme has promised to help on Sunday with a dessert for the store dessert competition.. I need to buy some disposable pans for it tonight.  I'm still working on my French language learning... getting a little better than last time.

Planted the ivy and the hosta leaf today.. will see how they take the soil.  Repotted the apple tree into a deeper wider pot.  Have to work tonight and also close tomorrow night... then Sunday off.  Want to get the dahlia bulbs planted in the pots outside but it was so cold this morning I didn't want to go outside until I have to.

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