Saturday, June 18, 2016

book bit

So we've been doing the summer reading program with Esme, and she has read all the first five of her books in less than a week.  We checked out five more today, a few a bit longer, and we read the short one tonight before bed.  She is getting much quicker with her reading - and she has noticed it, too.  She is already planning ahead to look for the sequel to Flat Stanley next week.  We'll see how well she does with the longer book - a Felicity mystery, and the other ones are in between. 

I found a few short Gary Paulsen books and read them myself today while she played in the library.  I had of course read Hatchet when I was in school, being from Minnesota, but I hadn't seen the sheer quantity he had written all laid out before me on a shelf before - the library had so many. 

Also, we finally got Homeward Bound, the Incredible Journey to watch.  And Mark bought me the Pirates of Darkwater series for my birthday.  Esme bought him assorted vegetable and fruit matter for Father's Day as well as candy and bacon.

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