Saturday, June 04, 2016


I planted Top Crop and Dragon's Lingerie beans yesterday, to fill the gaps in the Provider row.  I also planted a little more corn in the gaps in those rows.  The okra is all coming up - if something doesn't knock it down this year we will have much more okra than we need - but the flowers are always very pretty.

About half of the painted lady runner beans came up - will need to put a fence on them after they get a little more secured.

Next week we need to go to the principal of the elementary school and ask him about the testing process.  They said no need to schedule, drop in any day of the week.  On Wednesday I have a dentist appointment about my front teeth, which are starting to crack near the gap between them.  I'm worried what he is going to say....  if they can be repaired or if I'm on my way to false teeth.

I made these toys for Esme when she was a toddler - and now they sit in a basket on my dresser and sometimes they cuddle up when we read books.  There are several 'to be read in the future' books that get stashed in this basket, as well as a few magazines.  They've seen a lot of wear but I still love seeing them together.. a little symbolic display.

I signed Esme up for the summer reading program - but it doesn't count until books checked out on the 14th.  She got a bunch of books anyway and we read one of them last night before our Harry Potter.  She is halfway through HP now - it is cool.  I'd like her to sit down and read more but she is so focused on the internet games... don't want to force it.  Mark and I read a lot, and our house is full to brimming with books... so I guess she doesn't see it as the special thing I did at her age when there were very few books in my house.  I spent hours rereading the same encyclopedias, learning books (self study made easy) and how-to home repair books my brother owned.  Days to the library were like gold - I devoured as much as they would allow me to read.  I loved the computers, too - but I guess they just weren't that available or the material on them wasn't as alluring or immediate.

I started a blue shawl the other day - triangle style, and am probably about three-quarters done with it.  I got some more orange yarn to continue working on the queen size afghan that is about three-quarters done as well... that is going quite slowly but I've put a few rows here and there on it lately.

Looking through all of my craft supply stuff I just really wonder how I can organize it better or pare it down -- I hardly have any time lately to do much and other concerns, like Esme's school wardrobe, are pricking those pins... what can I sew that she won't be laughed at for wearing?  What can I buy where to make the most out of the budget?  We have about two months and the stores are flooded with summer clothes, so buying anything now that will be useful once school starts is either a lucky find or have to order it from somewhere - which I am quite limited on what I think would be worth ordering.  She will need several new pairs of jeans but I can get to that... it's shirts and such I'm worried about.  I've got an idea what will fit dress code - but most of what is seen in the store does not fit within that unless it is 'plain standards', tees, button up shirts, jeans etc.  We doe have the trip to Jackson for Esme's dental work later this month... maybe we could stop in to a store there and take a look before the appointment to feel things out.

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