Thursday, March 20, 2014

Vernal Equinox, planting and weaving

Esme has claimed this rug for her room - and at first I was having a hard time continuing with it because it had shrunk so much as I went up - but I saw much worse being displayed as 'designer art' on Pinterest... so I decided to run with it until it was a useful size, then string a wider one across the other direction of the loom.  Since deciding that a week ago, or so, I've made it from the lower green up to where you see.

For the Equinox we planted a few seeds, tomatoes inside, a few more sunflowers outside, and my sweet peas in the garden fence.  Grandma gave us some plants outside, day lilies, hens and chickens and a clump of daffodils - which I planted outside.

The green shawl is really coming along - and is pink and green ready to take on some yellow now.  I pulled out some airy linen like natural fabric from a box and washed it- wondering if I could make a nice summer skirt out of it, although it would be easy to get dirty.  I could practice some fabric painting on that, too - if the tea towel wash test turns out well.

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