Saturday, March 29, 2014

Stencilling an octopus onto a t shirt

my drawing of an octopus

I took a drawing I made last night and cut it out into two different layers on cardstock.  I used the camera to take a picture of the drawing, as our copy machine was down.  Then, after using the regular printer to print the drawing onto cardstock, I used an x-acto knife blade to cut out the defining areas on one copy and the entire outline on another.  Using acrylic paint and fabric medium, I brushed the colors on in two steps, allowing the shirt and the stencils to dry a bit in between to make sure there was no bleedover behind the stencil.

The dark blue is a school shirt for Esme.  The light blue shirt is one I bought on clearance and have been wearing to work.  I think they are both going to turn out great :)

I have to heat set them later.
And yes, the tea towels we painted last week turned out pretty good through the wash!

Playing Indian with a hat, loincloth and bow she made herself, and the octopus shirt.  
She took it off after that and wants it to be for school.

On to knitting and maybe some patchwork... there is some cleaning to do yet, and the laundry (hanging up behind her) to sort and fold.

Note:  She woke us up at seven this morning, wearing an eyepatch from her Halloween trick or treat bag and asking to go to the zoo in Memphis for the day.  We knew we were 'in for it' with the energy bouncing right then and there.  It is nice to get a little project done here and there :)

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