Tuesday, March 18, 2014

dreaming of sunflowers and more

The truck was fixed yesterday and it looks very good.  We are so glad it is back and grateful for friends and coworkers that helped us out during the waiting... 

No, these aren't sunflowers.  They are the radishes and kale that I planted in the pots in the window late last week.  They are on a good start.  Not pictured are some tomatoes that are also doing well.  The sunflowers were in a dream last night, big seedheads, nodding in the wind in some brush up at the top of the road.  That is a good dream, production and fruitfulness.  I took a twenty cent package of sunflower seed up there where they had been in my dream and poked them in the ground while waiting for Esme's school bus.  We'll see.

Green shawl, started yesterday morning.  It will probably migrate to some yellow and pink soon, as those are other leftover colors I have that are not meant for the bigger striped blanket - and that is getting so heavy it was hard to bring anywhere... thus a second smaller project begins in the time I needed to wait for things yesterday. 

We have two days off - Esme will still be at school but I'll be home. 

Some bad news is that Astro, the stray dog that appeared last fall and 'adopted' us,  is now gone.  A neighbor saw him in a dog fight outside our property the other day, and that was not a good battle.   One thing led to another and he lost.  We have laid him to rest in the valley.  At least he had someone who cared about him for the time he was with us - from cutting the tight collar off of his neck to reminding him that people scratch behind ears, and rub bellies, and feed you every day.  It wasn't much we could do for him - as he was still flighty and a little worried about people - but we did something, and I know that was better than what faced him if we hadn't tried to help him at all.

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