Thursday, January 16, 2014

progress and tangents

The pink and green pillow progresses... I actually made it to this point last I need to make the insert out of something in my fabric stash, stuff it and sew it on now to get any further.  The other things I've been working on here or there are not photogenic, the orange striped blanket is getting work on it, but slowly.  I've been adding some writing and more magazine clippings to my journal when things aren't quite cohesive enough to make a post.  I'm reading 'The Fifth Elephant' by Terry Pratchett and awaiting 'To Live Forever' by Jack Vance to come in the mail.  The  latter of those I read many years ago as a teenager and it affected my views on several things... I've been mixing it up with The Dying Earth series he wrote and keep wondering where the story is that I remember, it wasn't any of those.. was I misremembering?  Not quite... found it the other night by searching through cover pictures of books he had written until I found one that was similar to my memory... and the synopsis matched my memory as well.

Thinking of other things I would  like to do, if I had more time... like knitting another shawl, doing some embroidery, drawing some figure drawings,  listening to more French and maybe some Romanian language online if I can find it, painting more... no time for much of it really, but at least my mind is busy thinking of things. 

Esme is absorbing information - using words like 'hexagonal plates' and 'prismatic' - asking me why her bath brush looks crooked in the water 'that's refraction'.. oh.. refraction.  The ability she has to gain 'big' words is so strange against the way she misuses all of the little words, still.  But everything is moving forward in its way - she has grown very opinionated about her clothing, and now when we disagree about something (like the neighbor's house lighst at night NOT being the carnival) she will say 'I don't want to talk about this with you.'  *eep*  Progress, yes... the teenager coming out in my six year old *ha*

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