Thursday, January 09, 2014

bits of progress - knitting, crocheting, sewing

More progress in turning the tiny squares and scraps into something more. 

Another crocheted round pillow for the bed, as they are quite useful and we have spent a lot of time using the bed as a couch for everyone to snuggle in and be warm during this cold snap. Semi Instructions for Round Crochet Pillow

 Extra blankets are useful, too... no one wants to give one up once they have one! 

a bit of beautiful recycled Shetland wool yarn from Sonia's Twice Loved Yarns to match my gloves made from last Christmas.  I am working in a sort of half-broken rib pattern to make a scarf.  It was really quite a good match!  The Shetland wool is not meant to be extremely soft - but it softens with use, and is so warm.

Esme is building a hatchery for her Violet dragon and retrieving agate rocks out of my sewing box collection to be eggs.  Apparently dragons hatch out elephants in lack of smaller dragon toys ;)

And in other news, my brain dreams partially in French - an entire farce about people in a storm who are all preparing care packages for the others because they don't seem to be acting right since the storm hit - because they are being secretive preparing care packages they don't want the others to see... and not doing their regular routines.. and they all meet up in the middle of a room trying to force the other to take the package and the bowls of soup they were bringing to each other.  And the one guy who was not making care packages was paranoid that everyone was going to attack him.  He partially causes the strange behavior and is also effected by it, as at the very beginning we see him waking up in the freezing rain outside with a bleeding wound on his head in his driveway he didn't remember happening... he suspects everyone and comments to several of them about the strange things someone else is doing.  Towards the end of the 'film' in my head - after the soup revelation - his friend finds a bloody stain on a stick in the fence near the basketball at the edge of the driveway, and says he remembers the injured man right after he came inside  kept saying 'it goes up and through and comes down' over and over... (but that was partially in French but not grammatically correct) - and it turns out he was shooting hoops in his driveway at his basketball hoop and the ball came down and smacked him in the head and he fell down towards the fence unconscious and no one else was involved at all... *my brain is an interesting place to live* .. especially on cold nights when the electric blanket is turned up like a sweatlodge experience.

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