Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rabbit Tiles from Tasha McKelvey

They arrived today!
These are for Bazooka as well.
Tasha included not one but two beautiful tiles!

They are made of blue stoneware and her own design. I sent her a picture of my old rabbit tile as an example, and asked her to just make it approximately the same size and her own design.

The old rabbit tile.
The blue tile on the left is almost _exactly_ the same size as this one, just small enough to comfortably squeeze in the palm of my hand.


stuffed said...

Wow. Good stuff.

Jeanne said...

Those are great. What are you going to do with them?

RheLynn said...

They're sort of good luck tokens. My mom and grandma held rabbits as a sign of good luck.

I have a different rabbit tile under my pillow I bought from a pottery artist when I moved to Fargo, ND. I used to carry it in my jacket pocket for a few years.

I asked Tasha to make a custom one for 'Bazooka' since I couldn't find anything similar to the one I have. For a more practical purpose - I think I'll bring one of them to the delivery room to touch and hold as a focal point.

Unknown said...

They are lovely! What a wonderful find!

mrspao said...

They are lovely!

Chris said...

They're lovely! And very cool that they'll serve as touchstones for you.