Friday, January 03, 2020

When you just have to hug a Mosasaur toys

When you just have to hug a Mosasaur, it is good to have one in reach.  Or a Spinosaurus, or a Brachiasaurus...  You know I like plastic dinosaurs, well I have a soft spot for those in particular, and they are scattered around my studio having all sorts of fun.  Having a few on my desk it is a bit like that scene in Firefly where Wash has them on his flight navigation console and is having a little mini episode while waiting for orders. 

This plastic one from Jurassic World has great jaw action, I have a very similar one on my desk that chews on pencils and fingers and just is a great thing to throw around while reading articles.  Esme even grabs it once in a while and tries to feed him a seashell when she is trying to get my attention.  The other is a plush and more huggable (but still has teeth!)  The teeth are very important for this toy and being able to chew on things.  And being plush it can more easily be tossed across the room in between episodes or during Minecraft excursions.

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