Sunday, October 06, 2019

Official Release of Novel 'Time in December'

Kindle format .99 cents

I've worked on this book for about five years.  It also has my own original illustrations.   It is a love story, a rescue, and a revelation.  The genre is magical realism or urban fantasy.

Although it begins as dark surrealism, it revolves around hope and perseverance.  

Description  : 

'Bran exists but only in apathy.  Isobel doesn't exist, but wants to.  Paul, trapped between the worlds, is prisoner to the watch.  Ingrid, a tiger with her claws the wrong way in, blames herself for surviving her brother's death.  To save them all, Bran must learn to fly,"

I have several other stories in the works, they are young adult novels about heroines.  This is much more literary, dealing with some dark but important topics.  It was the first book, and it wanted to get out the most.

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