Saturday, August 03, 2019

Recipe File : Sardines and Olives with Zucchini and Nectarines

Place into a frying pan: 
1 can of sardines, boneless and skinless, in olive oil, the whole can undrained
-- break up the sardine filets until small
About three tablespoons of sliced black olives
About 1/3 cup of raw zucchini, cut small

Pan fry on medium heat, putting on a lid and turning down to low as soon as it really starts to sizzle.
Cook for a little while longer until heated through and zucchini has started to soften, then turn off heat.

Wash and cut one large nectarine into small pieces, set aside half for something else.
Wash and rinse a handful of blueberries
pulse the nectarines and blueberries together in a chopper until it forms a salsa

Spoon the fish mixture onto one side of the plate and the fruit salsa on to the other, pair with seeded rye bread

I see no reason why you could not use mackerel for this recipe as long as it was boneless and canned in olive oil, as well.

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