Monday, August 12, 2019


We went out to Oishii Chinese buffet and Japanese Hibachi tonight.  There was a really good selection at the buffet.  Esme mostly ate fried rice and watermelon, but she was able to find some things she wanted to try.  I tried  a lot of things.  Stuffed clam tastes something between meatloaf and thanksgiving stuffing...

I made this jute string basket with a crochet hook size I. Then I added black acrylic yarn for decorative stripes, to finish the top edge and to add a handle.

OK It's been a long day.  I went grocery shopping, picked cowpeas in the garden and processed them for seeds, made a pillow, wrote a short story/essay, worked on the tapestry a bit and took Esme to the library and the dollar store and the restaurant, then talked with my Dad for an hour, and worked on the tapestry some more.  I'm tired, and I probably should get some sleep.  Tomorrow off and I still need to do some more laundry and process a pumpkin - but haven't decided yet if I want to let Esme Jack-o'-Lantern it, or actually eat some of it, or just chicken it, and save some of the seeds.  Really, we could kind of do it all with it, because just because you cut a Jack o' Lantern out of a pumpkin doesn't mean you have to leave it to rot that way.

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