Wednesday, September 05, 2018


My soba noodles came in on the special order.

Take about one to two fingers-width of noodles and put them in boiling water for a minute to two minutes, drain, splash with cold water, drain again.  Toss with soy sauce and extra virgin olive oil until well mixed (about a tablespoon of oil and a little less of soy sauce).  Grind black pepper on top, mix, grind again, mix. 

I used to eat this combination nearly daily in college, because it required so little to put together - you could even use soy sauce packets instead of the refrigerated bottle.

This is one of my favorite meals, along with a few sesame crackers or other dark grain.
Carrots and/or green onions or broccoli go really well with this.
The pulled pork was from Mark's roast the other day - and it goes really well, too.

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