Friday, September 14, 2018


I've been a bit absent.  We got the home loan and have begun lots of projects.  The tractor went into the shop  - we worried briefly that the pole garden would get torn up bringing it out of its storage place but the man who came to get it was some sort of genius and made a very complicated maneuver look easy.

So, tractor fixed and we can get gravel and fix the road.  Have to call the insulation guys, they said they would be out here Wednesday to estimate and they did not call.  Mark has been looking at used cars.  I ordered the panel for the bathtub to fix the disintegrating wall.  We plan on remaking the chicken pen for winter this weekend.  I've been looking into airfare and such for the trip to South Carolina we want to do in November.  So, very busy.

I've been doing my Welsh every morning, since I close every night at work.  I've been putting a podcast on my to-do list every day so that I will actually take some time out for it.  I've done a little Japanese and some Spanish, too.  I really dislike Spanish - how it rolls through my brain.. but I'm trying with a new app that has good reviews.  It feels weird that even Japanese can find root in my memory quickly and the Spanish rolls around instead.. and it is quite a bit like French so why can I listen to French and it comes back out correctly but not Spanish?  Probably just a wall I need to break down.  I secretly think it is because of the different versions of Spanish between learning apps and my brain knows they are not the same 'slot' but can't sort between them without lots and lots of input..and I don't do enough ever to get that sorted so Spanish just feels 'hard' when in fact it is two or three languages.

And I've been listening to the audio book Willa of the Wood... audiobooks take up so much time.. I couldn't get my hands on the paper copy and I really wanted to read this story after liking the Serafina series so much.

There is a drawing I want to make - a couple, but haven't gotten myself the photographs that I should in order to make progress there.

Esme's friend wants to take her to a zoo and museum next weekend.
The weekend after that we have a birthday party to go to that I already promised.

I feel a little bit of overwhelm on some of that coming .. but baby steps and don't let the full calendar loom at me I guess.

I've given away what.. ten pumpkins now?  And we still have about ten on the table.  One of them weighs in at forty pounds.

 Rex is growing, he is twice as big as when we found him.
Freckles and Lucy were the last to really warm up to him - they were the puppies before he came along .. and now they are playing with him in the yard and rubbing him in the dirt.  Also, since he is bigger, they aren't as likely to make him squeak, which they were probably worried about.

 a little bit of the wildflower 'material' photos I need to collect in order to make a nice drawing


 Freckles and Rex in the classic 'your whole nose still fits inside my mouth so there puppy' pose we have seen time and time before...

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