Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Minecraft seed with Jungle Temple near spawn

Another interesting Minecraft seed to share.

We have mods 'Plenty o Biomes', ' Pam's HarvestCraft' on.  I also have Hunger Overhaul on, but that won't affect the seed the way the other two do.  The number is -2845701347600687085.  The negative sign is very important.

It spawns into a Eucalyptus Forest on the edge of a Rainforest. There is a Jungle Temple (shown in pic) not far to the North. There are several food trees nearby, sheep and pigs in case you're running the 'Hunger Overhaul' mod, which I am, which requires you to actually gather food like in a real survival situation as every bit of work you do (mining, digging, jumping) wears on your hunger bar and requires you to eat at least a meal a day or face consequences.

There is also a rare Sacred Springs biome just to the north of the temple - right behind it in the picture.  With monsters on it is dark dark and scary, but it does have regen pools.

I have not been in the temple or far into the Sacred springs yet, because I have monsters and survival mode and no cheats on.. and I'm scared!  A creeper already chased me under one of the trees and I am squishy with an iron sword and no armor.  I worked last night to make a big food garden and a safe house and a small mine down to bedrock... I'll be looking for more iron and redstone before I go wandering over there.

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