Friday, June 01, 2018

Door to Night Minecraft world (Drws i'r Nos) huge cave, mesa biome, mineshaft

'Door to Night' (Drws i'r Nos in Welsh) huge cave in Minecraft, savannah biome
mod : PlentyofBiomes and Harvestcraft
 World seed -3782039027719029110 at coordinates x,y,z  59,199, 68, 210.769

This 'door to night' cave is huge and actually is a network of caves.  This is not exactly at the spawn point but visible from a very cursory look-around.  I was ripping through a set of new worlds to hide a world I was actually playing in from a visitor (who loves to blow stuff up but doesn't look at the bottom of the list) who was playing on my computer... and then when I saw this world I knew I had to keep it.  

Although, I have to admit, I was scared to approach the cave with monsters on for fear of the sheer quantity of monsters that might be coming out of those depths of dark!  Hence, the name 'Door to Night'. 

And there was a lot more as I explored - notable of publishing the world seed and some coordinates for you, if you are finding this.
There are ebony trees and jungle trees with cocoa plants not far off, as well as nearby sheep, a village, and most uniquely, a mesa biome with an exposed mineshaft.  

The village coordinates are : 95.68, 67, 7.247 (it is pretty ordinary, didn't photo it)

But - the mineshaft in the mesa biome.. that is something I had not seen before!
The coordinates for the bottom pic are -142.97, 67, -496.333
It is quite a large mineshaft with chests and a spawner and more.


I hope you enjoy it!

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