Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas morning 2017

 'calf'-inated Minecraft cows for Christmas?
Mark got Esme a 24-pack of Mountain Dew - she has been wondering for a month what this huge square present was. *heh*

They both got new fleecies, too.  I actually got Esme a lot of clothes - because she's getting to that age I thought - but got a few toys as well and the beading things she asked for.

Is her cow safe between these two carnivores?
/She has a robot kit and a new Dremel tool (the big gift) to get into.  I joked her she was displaying her Daddy's eyebrows again when she looked at the bath bombs and speculated what they would actually do in the bathtub.  Ha.  Mark and I had made a pact just to get a few things for each other - but he ended up getting me a portable clothes closet (something I do need) and some yarn and a stick blender we can both use in the kitchen on drinks.

Grandma came down and she liked her gifts.  We had pulled pork and peach cobbler and sides, along with Esme's jell-o.  We put together Esme's robot kit and it worked!  Our car battery is acting up again... we'll see if the charger makes it work well enough to go over to our friend's family for pie and coffee later.

I popped the lens out of my glasses and bent the frame again... but got the lens back in.

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