Friday, December 01, 2017

big trouble

Had to have a lengthy discussion last night with Esme about trouble in school... she had been charged with bringing us a note and informing us about it at the BEGINNING of the week... and we had to find out with a phone call on Thursday.  So, bigger trouble than just being in trouble - and no computers until Monday.

I had a terrible headache from yesterday afternoon on after that - although it roared on to the scene while listening to a very long-winded customer in appliances on the phone... I still feel like my head was beat up some this morning, but I'm on my way to work.  I have the weekend off.  Our playdate was cancelled because of the grounding.  I did say we should make some holiday cards as an activity this weekend.

I have projects I need to do.  Fix my wool hat.  Finish my dishcloth.  Buy the gift for her teacher and wrap it up... probably will have to do two gifts now, because her homeroom teacher she loves.. but this is the teacher she has told me she has had trouble with since early in the year.. thinking if it requires an amends gift or not.

//I've probably gained about five pounds back... considering it is Holidays it isn't that surprising.  Cutting back a little (hard, free food at work this week) but it is still too cold to really cut back much or do a lot of exercise... this is hibernation season my body tells me.. sit still and be warm.

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