Monday, July 24, 2017

Painting stage two

This is as far as I got last night- Mark said it had changed enough to need another progress picture taken... I'll get some more filled in before I work on exactly how the light needs to come across the stones to the left.

And it is so hard to get pictures of this dog, Freckles.. but I caught one that wasn't a blur.  She is sitting there in front of her father Spud at the top of the stairs.

I've had dreams of painting and drawing the past few nights.  One dream I just swished a pen and an entire detailed drawing of a brick building came out.  It wasn't quite satisfying, though.. because it happened all at once and that wasn't right.  I went with it in the dream, because I wanted to see what happened.. but I kind of mourned the process at the same time.  In my dreams last night I had a yarn and bead and art supply store just across the street from a new apartment we had to move into.  But the brakes on the truck wouldn't work and I was playing bumper cars trying to get it to stop without breaking something up.  But in the store there was a place I could set up an easel and paints and nice light.. and I realized the dream was because I did finally have a nice place to set up this canvas and paint and it was working so well.  I even used more than one brush so far.. which is almost unheard of.. in fact, so far, I've used three.  It is a terrible habit of mine my art teachers used to chastise again and again that I would only use one small brush to do an entire painting no matter how huge it was...

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