Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Here we go

Finished the rest of Esme's school supply shopping the other day.  I'm halfway through my French learning app and making some headway on Welsh (un dau tri pedwar, pump (I can't spell six but it begins with ch), saith, wyth, naw, deg).. Counting in Welsh has made my brain fold over a little, it makes sense, but it is different (un deg un is eleven, literally one ten and one)....

I'm reading Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, and waiting for In the Country of Last Things (Paul Auster) to come in the mail.  I read that book so long ago and it has been sending back little tendrils that I need to finish it finally.  I might take a stab at my novel again after reading it.. I have six chapters but I felt there was something big changing so I need to sweep through it again when I have actual brain time.

I have a close tonight and an open tomorrow.  That is never good for my brain.  My sense of time is already messed up, and then put me in a short sleep cycle between two workdays and I sometimes have a thought-breakdown about four hours into the second shift.  Protein helps.. but several times I've just had to take my lunch with an ice pack on my forehead and a cup of coffee and see if I can get the reaction to go away before it turns into a migraine.

Not a lot else hapening... School starts on the 1st.  Still no word when we will have a teacher orientation meeting... they always announce those at the very last minute and then I have to rearrange my schedule on the fly.

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