Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dentist appointment

I had a dentist appointment today, which meant leaving Esme with Grandpa and Grandma, as Daddy was meeting with an old family friend at his store in another city. I was in a rush just to get to the dentist on time -- and barely did make it.

About ten minutes after I had left Esme with Grandma I was already missing her -- and had to call on them just to hear about her before my appointment. The dentist office staff have been following along on the blog here and there so they already knew about her and I brought pictures for the lady who doesn't have a computer :) It turned out the pictures were kind of for me too, since I was missing Esme I stared at them in the waiting room until everything was ready to go into the dentist's chair.

I was thinking I had a bad cavity on one side - but apparently it was several small cavities that could be sealed before they got deep enough for a filling - so, no novacaine! yay! They did do a thorough cleaning though, and after pregnancy hormones gums bleed a LOT, and boy mine did. So, glad I'm not having a thick lip for the rest of the night and that it wasn't as bad as it felt!

(I do have one other filling they want me to come in for later this month, if we're still here and haven't moved)

This would have been the first time since her second day home Esme would have had a bottle instead of me feeding her. However, she slept almost the entire time at her grandparents -- which was good for them but a product of her keeping me up all night last night. I swear she knows when I'm worried or anxious - she can feel it in my arms, hear it in my voice. She knew I was worried about leaving her, and about getting places on time - so she had a hard time relaxing enough to sleep. Now at home tonight she was fussy after she woke up, but got to eat and is happy again.

In other news: Esme's birth certificate came today - so, does that mean we get to keep her now that she's 'official'? ;) just/kidding! *snuggles Esme tight*

Birth certificates here & now look SO different than mine from Minnesota. I remember the DMV guy here when I changed my license looking all over mine for a number and having to call somebody because it didn't have one. To me, it's weird that this one DOES have a number - and even a barcode. Wow, I find that a bit scary actually!


Rhiannon said...

Kids really do sense the anxieties of their parents. She is so cute, I love the pictures of her and am happy to hear everything is going as smoothly as can be expected!

Hopefully your brother and sister-in-law will be bringing their little one home soon.

rhelynn said...

and wonderful news on you expecting a little boy as well Rhiannon! So EXCITING!

Chris said...

A barcode?!??

Anonymous said...

With the birth certificate you can now return her..if you have to. hehehehe.

Susan said...

I'm anonymous. Sorry!

RheLynn said...

haha I wouldn't return her even when she is wailing her head off with an upset tummy ;) we'll wait until she is fourteen and crashes the car for that j/k ;)

yes - isn't the barcode scary like 1984? Makes me glad they didn't put the barcode on the baby!

mrspao said...

A barcode? I am intrigued! Glad to hear the dentist went ok - I'm going to have to go back soon. Happy Tooth makes me smile :)

Jeanne said...

Pretty soon they'll simply print a barcode on your butt at birth and there will be no need for birth certificates.

Carrie K said...

Keep that reciept! Just in case you want to exchanger her later ;)

Ditto. A barcode? Yikes.