Friday, December 18, 2020

Druisi village

Druisi village.. southeast of the Fish Clan, southwest of Vaya village.  There is some shared blood here with the Kriganzy people, as you might notice by some common elements between their houses.. although they are also different in some key ways.  I've been working on the village for a few days (in between my real-world work!).  I feel I need to do a bit more before they can enter into the Rob Riggins story, but that will really flesh out an idea of why there are such internal conflicts in the Kriganzy nation.. which is already a 'conglomerate' of different peoples.  But still - why are they so upset at Vaya?  Maybe the Druisi know why. 

I should be writing the Presentation mountain village story.. but after finding this area and having this idea for a housing style, I decided it's cold outside I'll run with this for a minute.  Plus the person who is helping me write the Drox tribe is still busy... and I don't really want to go on without her.

a larger style house with one more set of wooden pillars in the corners


a smaller style house (roof off above) (roof and porch on below)

We even had visitors after this one!

the inside of the two largest houses in the village


I decided to go an entirely different way for the school meetinghouse than previous, which had been rows of desk and teacher desk like Western Education has.  I imagined a more open four-corners format for specific studies like weaving and smithwork and a platform meeting area in the middle for debates, talks and plays.

The outside of the school building (above) and the inside (below)

Game tech: The villagers from the nearby houses have actually been coming into these houses briefly and looking around - nobody has slept in the beds, yet... but it might happen.  I'm watching to see if they are increasing in population or if I need to actually build one of these houses right up next to theirs before it counts as one village to them.


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