Saturday, March 30, 2019

Busy Day

 I made a new space today - and built that desk from a furniture flatpack we bought at the store.  Now I have a 'homebase' downstairs to read, drink coffee and listen to music while Mark is upstairs working on 3Dprinting or code.

That little purple sign on the wall is one of our family mantras : 'Hop to the Rhythm of the Pink Rabbits Dancing'... its a weird thing, but its ours.  Mark made the sign for me out of some text I made on my computer and put in SCAD for the 3D printer.  There is a little cat in matching color in the pencil box, too!  (My 3D cat design).  There is room in the desk for my shortwave radio and a sketchbook and we bought a few magazine holders to put some current reading material in.

Esme is a little upset about losing some of her 'private space' as she usually gets the full run of the downstairs while we are upstairs doing our computer stuff.. and now half of my things are moved down there to give Mark more quiet time when he is working on code .. but I promised her we will also set up a cool papasan chair type thing in one of the corners down there during the next wave of improvements.. and she can curl up in read in the light from the other window.  She's liking the sound of that.

 Esme and I stopped by the park and brought her razor scooter along (that she got last Fall after her birthday but we haven't really done much outside with).  She loved coasting along the park trails.

I saw these interesting vine trees while we were out, too.

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