Wednesday, July 25, 2018

tie dye and work flow

We did tie dye the other night.. they turned out nice but still with quite a bit of white in them.. we might go at it and tie-dye them again.  Mark bought a bigger kit and some more shirts.  I think I tied them up too tightly the first time.

I tie-dyed a feew of our old shirts too.. they turned out pretty cool but again, might throw them back in for the second run.

We also went to that birthday party - I think it was good, Esme had fun.  I tried not to let my inner introvert keep me entirely in the corner not saying anything.  As always, I go over everything in my head and hope telling that story about Esme almost drowning wasn't too much, because it is an emotional story and the reason I keep checking the window every thirty minutes to see that she is okay in the pool... even though that was eight years ago... it sticks with you.  I think I did good not to actually be by the pool so I didn't watch her like a hawk, just peek through the curtains every once in a while.  Mom stuff.  She'll understand when she's older.

She's reading a lot of Warrior books.  I'm glad she likes them.  I've ordered a few others in the mail for her, one of those and several others I think she will like.  She has read a few Erin Entrada Kelly books and they are about kids her age and problems they face with their peers in school - good books, I've read them too.  I have one of those she hasn't read in there, too.

Work is doing its doctrine change again - but I'm taking this one a bit better because it matches some of my own feelings about what we are there for this time.. once in a while it rolls around from 'really?
 to 'well, that IS what we do'.. the great cycle etc.  After reading all the new emails I can't get 'Hey Jude' out of my head when I'm cleaning displays I'm thinking 'make it better'.. I guess that is the best outcome.. I can make it a little better every day without losing the flow we have with the customers... improve just something somewhere every day instead of going all bonsai and overdoing it all at once. 

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