Thursday, April 14, 2016


//She had done some reading and we had watched the first half of Vikings yesterday before the appointment.  But, we still didn't officially count yesterday. Her cough is a little better - and she did take her antibiotic.  The doctor also told her to drink more water, which I hope she will continue to do - she said she is "trying to follow her doctor's rules."

8:00a - reading: Stuart Little  pg 80-96.
8:30a  - Vikings dvd second half
9:30a  - cc Math workbook
10:00   - break

12:30 - Stuart Little to pg. 96-113.
1:00p - Happy Birthday Felicity ch 2.
1:15p - Language grammar arts lesson worksheets
1:30p - StarDew Valley game first time play
//I began playing this game yesterday, now she is going to go through all of the introductions, reading the instructions and exploring. 
2:30p - done

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