Thursday, April 12, 2012

boxes and bricks on plants

boxes on plants

Mark and Esme covered Grandma's garden and ours with boxes and bricks last night.  It seems to have done well.  The plants looked 'boxed in' when I removed them - but they seemed happy otherwise.  There was frost on the car windshield at 7 am, which was proof of how low the temperature had gotten.  We were glad to have had all of these old boxes - they were set to be brought out to the recycling center for a VERY long time, but we had not yet gotten around to it.
I received a book The Resilient Gardener, yesterday.  It seems to be a wonderful resource on many of the things that interest me - and I am eager to read it further today at work.  I bought it because of the reccommendation by other field corn growers.  It has a lot of information about how to select for genetic traits in corn, beans and squash.  It also covers duck raising and potatoes - probably something to be gotten into 'later'.  We might have to look into keeping livestock even sooner than we had thought... Mark found an ad on craigslist that he is calling on today.
I did some mending last night and general putzing with small projects tying up ends.  I am feeling less tired and think the pumpkin seeds, nuts and green things I have been craving lately have been helping.  I read an article somewhere that nuts and seeds help produce the precursors (omega 6 and niacin leading to tryptophan)  to creating serotonin in the body.  I was having a very hard time getting 'rest' out of sleep and was in a grumpy sleep-deprived daze for several days there before I began craving spinach, bananas and nuts... so maybe my cravings for those things was biologically based?  Or, maybe I just put too much stock in what seems to work - and it is just a more balanced diet and a priority for sleep that is taking effect now.

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