Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Original Ink Drawings

I got a new set of Micron pens a few weeks ago and just really put them to the test last night with a few ink drawings. Here is what I came up with, some like my old style, some like my current style and one that looks like Picasso came and tried to ghostwrite Guernica through me ;) heh

Once again, all of these drawings are created by scribbling a few random marks on the paper and trying to figure out what I see by connecting the lines. They are all listed at Pen Strokes.

I call this style a new Art Nouveau
It looks somewhat like my old style


close-up - 5 colors of ink and lots of sketchy stuff

I called this one 'I Fell in Love with a Birdman' - even though it doesn't really say much about me and Mark in particular or that he is actually a Birdman... although he does have a sharp profile *grin*... Sometimes though the name just hits you out of the blue even when it doesn't make perfect sense.

Blue Rabbit, Brown Bird
This woman is singing about all the creatures and they are singing with her

As you can see with all three of these I draw women in bird masks a lot - maybe you could call the bird AND the rabbit avatars of a sort... they show different sides of my personality and I use them in the pictures to try to tell a story about where I am going and what I am doing.


Andrea said...

oh, so intricate! I like it. :]

Kate said...

Lovely drawings!

Lynn said...

I love the detail of your drawings.
I feel blessed to have a few in my home. :)

Deb said...

great drawings-so much to look at within eah one. i really like the first one of the woman and the bird. dx.