Monday, May 07, 2007

A New Sewing Box (and a Pogo)

Found this for a good price on Ebay!

It opens up with five different compartments. The last one of these I saw was at an antique market for twice as much $! I had been keeping all of my sewing supplies in a nuts and bolts organizer with the little drawers (like this) - but it wasn't portable and sometimes hard to find stuff (or make it fit into the little boxes). Mark says I should take this box with me to Hamvention and charge a fee for sewing on loose buttons. *heh*

If you didn't notice in the other two pictures, there was a Pogo sleeping in the bottom of the magazine table! I noticed after taking the first picture and disturbed her slumber to get this sleepy-eyed kitten picture.

Chris really was right about cats finding the strangest places comfortable to sleep. Pogo sleeping here, however, reminds me of a baby in a cradle. There's even a pair of my socks underneath her for padding (which might be why she chose to sleep here - she loves to sleep on our clothes, wherever she can find them).


Jeanne said...

Funny. I didn't see Pogo in the first two photos, until I saw the third photo. That's a very cool sewing box.

mrspao said...

I saw her straight away but I'm used to cats sleeping all over the place :)

Chris said...

I saw her right away, too - even before I noticed the sewing box!!! Which is a cool sewing box. But Pogo - so cute!

Jennifer said...

That is an awesome sewing box!

Lynn said...

Cute pics.
Nice sewing box.

Bet Pogo is trying to take on your scent. That is why she sleeps on your clothes. That means she sees you as Alpha

Obsidian Kitten said...

it's a special pogo shelf. every magazine table should have one.